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Frito Lay Looking To Employ For Warehouse/material Handler in Kansas US : Thu, 07 Dec 2017 06:08:37 GMT

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: Warehouse/material Handler
: US
: Thu, 07 Dec 2017 06:08:37 GMT

Frito Lay, is currently Looking To Employ Warehouse/material Handler at Thu, 07 Dec 2017 06:08:37 GMT. This job located in Topeka, KS.

Besure to read the job description below and go ahead hit the View/Apply button to proceed further.

Job Description/Requirement provided by Frito Lay:

Warehouse/material Handler Job Descriptions/Requirements provided by Frito Lay. Click the “View Complete Job Description” link at the bottom of this description to view the complete job description.

Picking appropriate cases according to order and placing the orders on carts, picking up empty pallet boards and carrying them to a storage area, loading and unloading pallets and individual cases to and from trailers, operating a forklift safely, and loading trailers via carts or stacking cases on the floor of the trailer. Work is performed in a loud warehouse environment with minimal heating or...

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Get Direction to Job Location in Topeka, KS - For The Job : WAREHOUSE/MATERIAL HANDLER

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How to do A Street View


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Street View: Zoom in

1. Zoom in

First, Zoom in, by clicking on the job location marker. This will get you to the street level zoom.

At this zoom level you will see the road/street’s name nearby the marker. This is your first hint of the job location whereabouts.

2. Drag and Drop Pegman

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Notice the green shade with dotted border under Pegman, it means it still finding the best possible position to land the Pegman. The shade will become solid green when it finds the right position. That’s when you release your mouse drag, and drop it. You should see the street view of the job location at that exact time.

3. Navigating In Street View

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or click and drag with your mouse.

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Tips: Use both Rotate and Walk navigation, to locate and get to closest position of the marker, as that’s where the job location is. You should also see an address at the top of the map. This address is approximate, based on latitude and longitude position provided by the job poster. It might be usefull to take a note on this address, just incase you can’t find any physical address of the job location at the apply page.

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